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le café parisien

GRAND MARNIER® celebrates outspokenness, creativity, casual chic, intellectual emulation, Which have always been at the heart of the Ville Lumière. Where the heart of the city beats ... The Parisian café.

Daisy side car

Anthony Bannier, mixologist in London, is passionate and demanding – a pure product of the best of the world of mixology over the past fifteen years. Liberally inspired by the Side Car, an iconic cocktail of the 1920s which is said to have emerged in the bar of the Ritz hotel, Anthony Bannier has dreamt up a future mixology classic especially for this limited edition and for GRAND MARNIER®: the Daisy Side Car, admired for its balance between ‘sweet’ and ‘sour’. To the original trio (Cognac, GRAND MARNIER® or Triple Sec, lemon juice), Anthony Bannier adds a round, fruity touch with grenadine and orange juice, and a dash of Angostura for a nice long finish.


Laurent Moreno, GRAND MARNIER® Gastronomy Ambassador, embodies the elegance and precision held dear by the new generation of French pastry chefs. He has indulged in an exercise especially for us which requires a subtle revisiting of a French pâtisserie classic, the Mont Blanc. This jewel of gastronomy, popularised in the early twentieth century, has inspired chefs such as Pierre Hermé and Philippe Conticini. Laurent Moreno gives us his vision of this delicacy that transcends time... GRAND MARNIER® brings its aromatic complexity to the roundness of the chestnut cream, all illuminated by a touch of raspberry, with its deep red and tart notes.
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