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The new limited edition Nuit Parisienne 2016 by Grand Marnier

The spirit of the City of Lights comes alive at nightfall

Parisian nightlife has never stopped undergoing a revival. The illumination of Paris at the end of the 19th century blew life into the streets of the French capital, the mythical neon sign of the Moulin Rouge shed its first rays of light at the foot of the Montmartre hill, the Eiffel Tower was decked out in glittering lights for the 1900 World’s Fair, Parisians rediscovered their city bathed in light… Today, the City of Lights has not lost any of its splendour: the magic of electricity continues to outline the contours of modern structures such as Cité de la Mode and the Louvre Pyramid. Artists make matter of light at the heart of the city during the Nuits Blanches (All-nighter) arts festival or around temporary installations, and the iconic Parisian cabarets have been completely overhauled and offer highly original shows. Drawing on its luminous past, Paris continues to surprise and innovate.

Grand Tonic Cranberry

Parisian nightlife is when effervescence meets with sophistication. Our GRAND MARNIER® Cocktail Ambassador has fully understood what it’s all about - when it is time to take the stage and create a unique cocktail that revolves around theme of night in the City of Lights, how could one not think of sparkle? Serge Sevaux has now come up with the “Grand Tonic Cranberry”, prepared with GRAND MARNIER® and cranberry, whose fruitiness stands up to that of orange, and come together amidst the bubbles.
Grand Marnier Grand Tonic Cranberry Coktail recipe

The Petit Chou, by GRAND MARNIER®

“Nuit Parisienne” revolves around extravagance and hedonism, gluttony (the capital city’s capital sin!), and the spontaneous, almost palpable flair of Parisian women, in a dessert where natural meets sophisticated to give that charming “je-ne-sais-quoi” that is oh-so French… And what could be more elegant in its simplicity and opulence than a perfect cream puff ? A typically Parisian dessert, many variations on cream puffs exist: eclairs, Paris-Brest, chouquettes... It is in its purest, most perfectly balanced form of expression that Laurent Moreno, our Gastronomy Ambassador, found his inspiration: a cream puff filled with GRAND MARNIER®-scented pastry cream. A hint of light whipped cream adds a touch of lightness and decadence.
the Petit Chou by Grand Marnier recipe
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